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Avenues Unlimited provides counseling services in Louisville, KY. The client’s branding hadn’t been touched since the early 90s and with a change of ownership of this family business the client wanted a new perspective on the business with a fresh, abstract, and calming look.

We created a full branding package for Avenues Unlimited including a new logo with an animation, business cards, letterhead, updated emails for their scheduling service, and a new fully responsive website featuring the team’s new branding photos.

Avenues Unlimited moodboard in a booklet laid out on a gray background


To capture a feel for the branding we first started on the moodboard. The moodboard is inspired by the client’s style as well as their existing office space.

The bold, warm colors of this moodboard inspire confidence and comfort and you’ll see those colors appear prominently in the final visual branding design.

Logo Design

The logo typography is a clean and modern sans serif while the logo mark is an abstraction of the letters AU representing the concept that there are many paths to achieve your counseling goals.

Logo + Tagline Reversed
Avenues Unlimited shot list with 9 photos laying on top of a book next to a vase

Brand Photography Shot List

After creating the moodboard and logo design, we provided a list of recommended photographers, creative direction, and a suggested shot list in advance of the team’s photo shoot. This created a seamless process for the photographer to capture the exact photos we needed for the website to shine. By working together to get the right photos, we were able to easily incorporate the photos into the website.

For this project, photography was provided by Amy Barber of Bluegrass Bebe Photography.

Custom Pattern

With this project, we also designed a custom pattern based on the logo mark. The A and the U are combined to create the wave within the pattern. Using a custom pattern throughout the visual branding items creates a more thoughtful and polished look. The pattern can be used as an accent or even as a background pattern like on the business card.


Website Design

To create a new online home for the company we designed a fully responsive website that ties all the pieces together. Our goal was to create a website that made clients feel hopeful and uplifted while creating a homebase that stands alone from any one person so that the business can attract new talent and continue to grow.

Throughout the website, we added subtle animations and interactions including the animated logo to better engage site visitors and affirm the company’s modern point of view.

AU Loop

Social Media

Last, we pulled the visual branding elements and new custom photography over to their social media. Creating a visual connection between Avenues Unlimited’s social media and their website lets people know they’re in the right place regardless of where they first experience the company’s online presence.

From new brand photography to an engaging new website the Avenues Unlimited brand was completely revamped for the new generation of ownership.


Before starting with Perennial Creative, I was uncertain about how to establish the new identity for my company and balance the wishes and input from all of our stakeholders. As we sorted through my vision, Jessica was so incredibly thorough and patient! She has a nice way of taking my ideas that I didn't have exact words for and distilling the essence of what I was wanting into something more tangible. Perennial Creative is the best and the proof of this is obvious looking at our website and other branded material.

The website has attracted business because of how it portrays our company and I'm so glad to see my business take on a new look that really fits us - both now and for the future we want to grow into!

– Eric Baker, Therapist
Avenues Unlimited

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