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Build your business with beautiful branding that leaves a lasting impact.

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Consistency is the key to success.

We’ll help you get your brand into shape so you can stand out from the crowd and continue building the business of your dreams.

Let’s make it cohesive, consistent, and beautiful so you can proudly share your message with the world.

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We can create a beautiful & meaningful brand from the ground up.


We can guide and maintain your current branding efforts.

And we can design super functional and beautiful materials for your special projects like courses and digital products.


Having an attractive and authentic brand is crucial to standing out in a crowded market.

And once you’ve got that box checked off, you need to keep your branding consistent across every touchpoint to ensure that your brand voice always rings true.

Because you probably know it takes a lot more than one touch to generate a sale.

And by creating a consistent, beautiful brand you’ll build trust and authority faster. 

And keep people coming back for more.


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Jessica delivered a logo + branding that are a perfect fit for me and my business and speaks to my ideal clients.

Jessica’s process was creative and fun and she really listened to what I envisioned. When you work with Jessica, you’ll receive excellent design services from a designer with an experienced, creative eye that truly understands the power of branding.

– Libby Loeser, Realtor
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I’m Jessica Suhr. I’m a creative director, designer, and gardener, hell bent on creating beautiful, cohesive brands for fun-loving and level-headed small business owners like you.

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