You already know it.
Your brand comes through in
everything that you do.

Or maybe you don't.

Each interaction someone has with your business – from your Facebook page, to your website, to the opt-in you send, to the thank you card mail after the project wraps – all those things create your visual identity and form the foundation of your brand.

So is your brand looking like a luscious, flourishing rose bush in full bloom or more like its forgotten, leggy neighbor? Let’s get out our shears and prune it back so it can flower and thrive once again.


I’m Jessica, and I have a passion for creating beautiful brands, and then keeping them in check.

And yeah, I’m a gardener, too, but I’ll try to keep the gardening metaphors to a minimum.

Maybe you’re ready to uplevel from a DIY or ready-made brand or you need someone to bring consistency and direction to what you’ve already got. Tending your brand on a daily basis can be more than you bargained for when you’ve got your own client work to do. But filling that pipeline is always in the back of your mind.


I’m the gal you can turn to when you’re sending out client correspondence thinking, “Ugh I really don’t want to send out another proposal with this DIY logo,” and publishing blog posts but totally second guessing whether you’re using your brand style guide right. Do these polka dots even go here??

I’m here to take all the guesswork out of creating the visual side of your brand.

Let me tell you where the polka dots go.

I’ve always loved creating unique presentations & experiences for people. 

I spent most of my schooling a bit too concerned with how my papers and presentations looked instead of the actual content, but that led me to a BFA in Graphic Design and now I get to create beautiful brands and collateral all day everyday. #dreamjob

I’ve been at this solopreneur gig for over three years now, but I’ve been a graphic designer for more than ten years. Working in other people’s businesses - both in-house and at agencies - taught me a lot about business and client communication, but never allowed me to work with clients as closely as I wanted.

I want to get down to the heart of your business, make strategic recommendations, and help you solve your problems by creating a beautiful logos, branding, and collateral materials that let you focus on doing what you do best.

You probably know that you’re not making a sale on the first touch someone has with your business. It usually takes a few more touches (often 6 - 8) before someone clicks that button. So I strive to create memorable brands and collateral to keep all those touch points consistent.


Here’s how we can work together to get your visuals in check:

Branding & Websites →

From a refresh to a full revamp for your brand & site

Brand Refresh
Website Design

In-House Design →

Keep your brand beautiful on an ongoing basis

Web Graphics
Opt-ins & Lead Magnets
Social Media Graphics

eBooks & Course Materials →

Special projects that keep people coming back for more!

Launch Graphics
Digital Products
Other Projects

Not sure what you need?

Or just want to talk about flowers and stuff?

Set up a consultation here. I’d love to know more about your garden dreams, see if I can help you with your design needs, or if I know someone else that can!

Here’s why I love what I do and why I’m in business for myself:
Consistency & Cohesiveness

Your brand should feel like your brand everywhere it lives. Don’t skimp on one element and over invest in another.

Details & Beauty

Pay attention to the details and customize to your brand wherever you can. Don’t settle for the default.

Ease & Strategy

Your business should feel natural, easy, and satisfying. Let’s be strategic with our businesses so we can have screen free weekends and spend more time in the garden.

Honesty & Integrity

I strive to get to the point and be honest and direct in all that I do. I’ll never try to sell you a service you don’t need, but I will tell you when your brand isn’t serving you well.

If those things resonate with you, maybe we should work together, or at least be friends.


If you’re looking for a professional, talented, and organized graphic designer

that can take your brand and create custom collateral pieces for a cohesive look across all your marketing platforms, you’ll want to have Jessica in your corner.

– Michelle Edgemont,
Michelle Edgemont Design