So you’ve come up with your next amazing offering!

The big question right now is do you just put it out “as is” or hire a designer to make it shine?

Let’s make your content easier and more enjoyable to read so you can create repeat clients that come back for more of your goodness over and over again.

Make your products stand out in a content saturated world

You know that having well developed content is a must, but if you put your eBook or course out to the world with less than stellar design it may fall flat. In today’s content-rich world pairing great content with great design can make all the difference.


As a business owner, it’s totally understandable to DIY your publication design when you’re first starting out. But, as you start growing your business and commanding higher prices, you need design that matches the level of value you provide.

Or maybe you already know the importance of good design and just need to find that perfect person who can take your ideas and bring them to life. Someone who will understand your vision, but also bring some unique ideas to the process.

What your project needs is full a service designer that takes into account your branding, your vision, and your goals then gives you done for you design so you can continue working and providing value in your zone of genius.

That’s exactly what I do!

Here’s what you can expect when we work together to bring your product to life:

1 discover


We’ll start off with an in-depth design questionnaire referencing your current branding or discuss new branding that we’ll create for this special project, visual inspiration deep dive, and then a kickoff meeting to review it all and get to the heart of your goals and vision for this project.

2 design


I’ll create a preliminary design that we’ll tweak until it’s just right. Then we’ll flesh out your full project and you’ll see your vision come to life! We can add interactive options to make your materials user friendly for electronic users or create a light and airy design that will be easy for your customers to print.

3 extras

All the Extras

We’ll wrap the project up with all the extra goodies you may need. From promotional graphics on your own site, to Facebook and Google ads, course bonuses your students can hold in their hands, or even a print version of your eBook with a companion workbook! The sky’s the limit here.

A lot of valuable content goes unread these days simply because the design isn’t well considered.

When I create designs for publications and courses, I make content easier and more enjoyable to read, while also taking into account your branding, so you end up with beautiful design that fits perfectly with your brand style and personality.


When I hired Jessica I knew I needed more than just a professional with an eye for design, I also needed someone I enjoyed working with. Jessica delivered on both!

I had a fantastic experience throughout the project and I’m very pleased with the finished design.

Jessica is a true professional, and everything from booking to the product delivery was handled with ease. She did a great job helping me through the process and made the experience fun. I really enjoyed working with her and I can’t wait to start a new project in the future!

– Debbie Orwat,
Planner's Lounge

Here are some of my most favorite ebooks and courses that I’ve designed:

Wondering what types of offerings I can help you with?


eBooks are a great way to showcase your expertise in your field, and nothing looks more professional than solid layout and a stunning cover. Having a great cover image can boost sales and a beautiful well designed interior can boost your brand image and create lifelong customers. The fact is, people do judge a book by its cover, and having a beautiful one will mean more sales and downloads of your content. Plus, a great cover image can get you noticed for interviews, reviews, and other media opportunities!


Beautiful lead magnets and opt-ins can get a buzz going around your business like no other piece of content can. Great content paired with beautiful design, is a solid recipe for success!


If you're creating a signature course or product, a standalone sales page is a crucial to communicating the features, benefits, and value you're providing. An effective sales page for a beautiful product will help you realize the greater revenue that your product is capable of generating.


If you’re running a course and need workbooks or worksheets, you want something that your clients will remember. If you’re currently designing these yourself, you probably know that trying to DIY the format in Word or Canva is not serving you or your clients. I can create printable or digital interactive workbooks that help you sell your course and build client loyalty.


Releasing a magazine or catalog? It’s so important that the design grabs your reader’s attention and absorbs them in your content. Whether you’re designing something for print, digital, or both, I love creating cohesive design that keeps your clients engaged from the cover to the final page.


The cover of your eBook is the face it presents to the world and will be the first impression prospects have of your product. It’s important that your cover not only looks stunning, but that it’s also an on-brand representation of your biz. If you’ve already got the layout of your book ready to roll and just need some extra sparkle for the cover, we should chat.


Reports don’t have to be boring! You can wow your clients with reports that have a well-designed layout and tempting typography. I take things like data and timelines and create a consistent and organized format that is fun to flip through, easy to digest, adds value to your thoughtfully-researched content. Making you look like the professional you are.

+ Promotional graphics to get it out to the world

You don’t want to launch to crickets so you’ll need to tell your audience about your great new offer one way or another. I can provide you with the graphic support you need, from images as simple as a cover mockup to graphics for a full Google ad campaign.

Investment starting at $1000

Does that sound like what you’re looking for? Then let’s get started!


If you’re looking for a professional, talented, and organized graphic designer

that can take your brand and create custom collateral pieces for a cohesive look across all your marketing platforms, you’ll want to have Jessica in your corner.

– Michelle Edgemont,
Michelle Edgemont Design

This might be the first time you’ve considered working with a designer to create a product for your business.

I totally understand that you’ve got questions.

Here’s what some other people have asked:

Have more questions? I probably have the answer, and if not, I’ll figure it out for ya 😉