Taryn Ricker

Branding + Site Design

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Taryn specializes in helping CEOs optimize their operations, systems and team for maximum efficiency. From business planning and marketing strategy to small meetings and large conferences, Taryn figures out all the details and specializes in making sure everything is both high end and high touch.

We worked together on her branding and website design to establish a new look that would convey just what she wanted to her high level clients. Her previous site was just a coming soon page that was suitable enough to include her URL on marketing materials, but she had never pursued full branding and site design as she just never found a designer that felt like the right fit.

We started the branding process with a phone call to discuss her current client base and her desired clients and how we could create a visual language for her brand that spoke directly to those people. The first step was to create a moodboard and from there, the logo designs took shape.


Logo Design

Taryn’s clients are looking for someone experienced who can make their plans happen and ensure all the details are executed with precision. Her clients rely on her for her attention to detail and taking control so that they can focus on what they need to instead of the little things. She is calm in the face of crisis and solving their problems. So creating a detailed, yet clean and simplistic look was crucial to the subtle visual communication of those attributes.

Based on a scripted TR monogram, both boxed and freestanding, I added simple lettering for her name in various configurations. The logo communicates both a level of class that Taryn brings to her work and the confidence that her clients are drawn to.


Taryn makes her clients feel confident, relieved, organized, and visionary and we sought to communicate that feeling through her branding. The clean and classic monogram design conveys her experienced, detail-oriented, and thoughtful approach. And the traditional colors and styling lend an air of stability that her clients seek in the consultants that they work with.
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Next we created marketing materials to support her day to day work, square business cards with just a hint of gold foil and a proposal template that continues her confident and classic branding.


Website Design

Finally we moved to site design. Taryn’s clear and concise site came together with content and strategy by the amazing team at Scoop Industries. The site works perfectly as a confident first impression with no additional fluff but communicates the necessary info in a stylish and authentic way.


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