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Scoop Studios is a small and agile content marketing firm that works to elevate the tech and professional services clients they work with to thought leaders in their fields. They know their stuff, they keep things simple and painless, and their clients love them for it. Scoop’s clients come out of their relationship feeling like their investment was worth it—and then some.

But their brand wasn’t telling the same story. Scoop’s website was, in their words, about to break. And the branding overall never really meshed with the things the company valued most about the way it operated. A brand refresh that would better represent the amazing customer-centric experience they provide was in order. We knew the right branding would inspire confidence in any potential client considering putting their marketing needs in the hands of Scoop’s adept and friendly team.


Scoop brought a clear vision to us about what they wanted their brand to say to the world: simplicity, approachability, expertise, and delight. The visual inspiration we pulled into the moodboard flowed easily from these ideas, and the end result feels like a bright smile from that clever friend you just love to be around.

The moodboard’s aesthetic is clean, colorful, and friendly, with a lighthearted interplay of iconography, illustrations, and photos. Since simplicity is a touchpoint of the brand, we avoided texture and pattern for the most part, choosing instead to keep the overall tone minimally bold and graphic. A palette of modern bright colors captures the positive, nimble energy of the brand and the people behind it.

Logo Design

We developed a set of logos that instantly convey the smarts and warmth that Scoop’s clients love them for. In contrast to our ample use of illustrations and iconography in other parts of our branding package, we chose here to keep it all about the typography and color. The word “scoop,” set in a full and playful lowercase serif font, looks clever and modern. “Studios” in a juicy lime all-caps type underlines the brand’s professional acumen with a friendly flourish.

Any modern brand needs more than just one logo, and Scoop was no exception. We created multiple color variations so that they would always have the right flavor of logo to suit their needs on any given platform, as well as a fun and tidy monogram to use when they wanted a little extra pop of branding.

Scoop Logos - Playful Modern Branding Design_1

Semi-Custom Illustrations

One of the ways we brought out the delight of Scoop’s brand was by using illustrations as a key graphic element on the website. It’s impossible to look at the Scoop site and not feel the friendly, approachable energy of the brand radiating from the poppy graphics and iconography.

We customized stock illustrations to match the Scoop colors and brand ethos. The details tell a story without saying a word. Everything from the color palette of the illustrations to the weight of the lines in the infographics was kept consistent. Scoop wanted their brand to emphasize their attention to detail, and weaving these parallel elements throughout a cheerful, graphic story gives a subtle nod to the brand’s cohesiveness.


Website Design

Scoop serves the tech industry, so it was crucial for the website to speak the language of its potential clients. We designed the site to be a conversation that would quickly communicate the value of Scoop’s services to anyone who might be on the fence about handing off their business’s marketing needs.

Because Scoop’s past clients always raved about how easy they made things for them, we let the clarity and simplicity of their processes be the inspiration for the site’s visual direction. A super clean layout with simple navigation echoed the relationship that potential clients could look forward to in working with them.

Eye-catching graphics and bold, approachable statements paint the picture of a brand that is helpful, professional, and clean. We wanted people to walk away from the site saying, “I like these folks, and I know exactly what they can do for me.” And then book a consult call right after that thought.

Scoop Studios Modern Website Design_1
Scoop Logo Outro

Our brand was outdated and lacking polish. But after working with Perennial Creative, I can send people to our website and not worry about it.

The branding is fresh and represents the quality of our services. It's the right mix of strategic and creative. They took our vision and turned it into a cohesive brand that doesn't feel like everything else out there.

– Maggie Patterson, Owner and Editorial Director
Scoop Studios

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