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Sound Advice Sales & Marketing is a business that helps other small business owners get their marketing game in check by creating plans and content, strategizing, and managing their marketing efforts, all with a focus on maintaining their client’s vision and voice.

The Sound Advice brand had been around for a while, but was never fully fleshed out to include all the necessary graphics that businesses with an online presence need these days. Over time we have created a stronger visual brand and increased brand recognition across various platforms by creating consistent elements such as green and orange color bars, use of the logo bubbles, and bright, colorful photography.


Opt-Ins and Guides

These guides are used at various points in the client experience, from opt-in to post client acquisition and they really help to tie everything together and create a professional presence.

We’ve also created blog graphics for use on various platforms as well as a podcast cover image.


Updates to the Sound Advice website have helped to update the company image and put a focus on the most important services and offerings as well as putting our opt-ins front and center to aid in list growth.

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