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Roxanne Carne is a personal stylist that helps women dress their best with a focus on dressing for your body type. She offers one-on-one consultations, workshops, and a membership program that helps women select outfits that make them look and feel their best.

Roxanne had a beautiful new site created, but needed someone on her team to keep her visual identity in check as she grows her business through products, consultations, speaking events, blogging, and whatever else she dreams up along the way.

We started out our design partnership by creating her first Trend Report which is a bi-annual guide to all the exciting trends coming up. Roxanne definitely has a knack for picking out trendy items that are both wearable and gorgeous so this guide is super handy for women who want to maintain a timely wardrobe.


Blog Graphics

We then updated the graphics for all of her evergreen content so that her blog has a consistent look even when you go way back in the archives, so that she always has lots of graphics to keep her Pinterest account fresh, and so that she can cross promote posts with mid post banner graphics. 


These blog graphics along with inspirational fashion quote graphics provide a graphic rhythm to the beautiful fashion photos on Roxanne’s Instagram.


Consistent Corporate Collateral

In addition to these fun marketing pieces, we also updated Roxanne’s standard materials that she uses when onboarding new clients and proposals for corporate clients. It’s so important to keep her brand consistent across each client touchpoint so that Roxanne comes off as the amazing, put-together stylist that she is.


Cleanse Your Closet Challenge

In order to grow her list, Roxanne created a fun Cleanse Your Closet Challenge that serves as both an evergreen and New Year’s funnel to grow her list and attract people to her signature program, the RC Style Guide. We created a landing page for people to learn more and opt-in, promo graphics for Roxanne’s site and Instagram, worksheets to guide people through the challenge, and Facebook prompts to get the group chatting and encouraging each other on to closet cleaning success. The challenge also includes videos with Roxanne that guide you through each step of the process.


With the super consistent and stylish look we’ve established for Roxanne, people know exactly what to expect from her and quickly come to trust her services and expertise. And we can apply this look and feel to any products or offerings Roxanne dreams up to grow her business.


I wanted my brand to be consistent and for people to recognize that what they saw was me and from me at just a glance.

Every single time (and I'm not exaggerating) I gain a new client, they always comment on how pulled together everything looks - from my website to my social media, to my printed collateral.

Jessica is so creative in making new looks that still hold the 'feeling' of my brand. and it really helps build and further develop the trust factor. I feel very secure now that my visual communication with my audience will always be on point. Jessica is truly gifted in her craft and her creativity will drive results for your business!

– Roxanne Carne,
Roxanne Carne | Personal Stylist

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