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Revel & Grow offers social media management for small business owners. Katie provides an actual strategy to businesses that feel like they’re flailing, just posting whatever comes to their mind that day.

As Katie knew branding is important to any business, she hired a designer to get her started with her branding. But she felt lost when it came to applying her brand elements to the items she needed to create to grow her business day to day.

Most importantly, Katie’s signature offering, a social media guidebook paired with a beautiful custom photo shoot (by Katie herself - this woman is amazingly multi-talented), needed an upgrade. When she started offering this product, she started with an Etsy template and made it work, but it lacked the fine tuning to create the professional feeling that she wanted. I took her document and made it easy to update for each new client, and punched up the look a bit while refining the presentation and making small tweaks like adding a footer to each page and making the color scheme more neutral for an easier transition between clients who have a wide variety of styles and looks.


I know I’m not a designer, but I’m in a place now where I’ve gotten my brand off the ground, and it’s important to me to keep growing my brand, with freebie pdfs so I can create sales funnels, my customized guidebooks, etc. But I could spend months designing them myself! And these audience facing items really need to be top notch.

Opt-Ins and Client Collateral


We also updated Katie’s signature opt-in to make it more attractive and a better marketing piece with info about her and how to connect. Then we created ads for both Facebook and Instagram to drive people to this piece and aid in growing her list. 


After getting familiar with the Revel & Grow brand it was easy to update some of her client materials that she uses for each of her managed accounts.


I understand the elements of having a cohesive brand, but I’m struggling trying to create all those little one off pieces myself. It isn’t working the way I wanted it to and I’m suffering from perfection paralysis.

Next we moved over to refreshing Katie’s Squarespace website with a more commanding design that really alludes to her strong skills as a social media manager. The full width photos and large headlines really pack a punch that her previous site was lacking.


Continued Work

Katie and I continue working together to create passive income products (a self-taught version of her social media guidebook complete with videos is in the works) in addition to updated blog graphics as Katie ramps up her blogging efforts. 


Working with Jessica has allowed my business to grow and bring me back my sanity!

Within the first month she blew me away with her ability to hear what I needed, get to know my preferences and blend it all together in the perfect final result. This is easily the best decision I have made for my business in the first year and I know going into year two, that our projects together will continue to be AMAZING and I will continue to impress my clients with a solid, professional presence in my branded materials. I get to focus my efforts on my client work now and not waste my time and skills on a mediocre version of something I saw online.

– Katie Spellman,
Revel & Grow

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