Pricing With Confidence

eBook Design



Pricing With Confidence is the latest digital product I’ve created for Planner’s Lounge, a business that teaches and supports wedding and event planners as they grow their businesses.

This digital product comprised of a comprehensive eBook guide with templates and worksheets that give wedding and event planners the tools and information they need to confidently offer profitable and sustainable wedding planning packages and pricing. This guidebook is PACKED with value from everything a planner needs to know about the types of planning services offered, what is typically included in each service, tips and tricks, ready-to-use planning package templates, and example wording for website services pages.


eBook Design

The book is graphically organized with a beautiful cover image for each chapter, visually distinct headers to clearly differentiate sections, icons, and color boxes to make the book as easy as possible to use. The fun colors and hexagon pattern continue throughout the book. Like every product I’ve created for Planner’s Lounge, this guide is beautiful, easy-to-use, fun, and super useful.

And while this product stands alone in its branding, it ties in to the overall Planner’s Lounge brand via colors and an overall clean and happy vibe so that it feels like a Planner’s Lounge product and serves to strengthen the brand and create loyalty and affinity amongst customers.


When I hired Jessica I knew I needed more than just a professional with an eye for design, I also needed someone I enjoyed working with. Jessica delivered on both!

I had a fantastic experience throughout the project and I’m very pleased with the finished design. Jessica is a true professional, and everything from booking to the product delivery was handled with ease. She did a great job helping me through the process and giving me various options and ideas to choose from. She went above and beyond and made the entire process fun. I really enjoyed working with her and I can’t wait to start a new project in the future!.

– Debbie Orwat,
Planner's Lounge

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