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Branding + Site Design



The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox helps coaches, consultants and other entrepreneurs create a greater impact and make more money by getting their products and services out into the marketplace, both online and offline. After years of little to no branding, the owner, Teresa, sought to upgrade her brand’s presence to communicate her team’s professionalism and resonate more with her audience.

We worked together to create a moodboard that feels warm and welcoming, feminine with integrity - not overly sweet, and not at all corporate. The color shift away from her previous cool blues and purples shifts her brand away from being more of a tech provider and leans into providing higher level services to steer businesses towards more profitable territory.


Logo Design

With handmade yet controlled styling, the logo gives an approachable feel while the angled text adds energy and vitality. You can count on The Entrepreneur’s Toolbox team to get your projects done with knowledgeable enthusiasm!

An option without a tagline was created as well as two secondary marks that provide additional means to brand collateral.


Website Design

Before moving into full web design, we worked together on a style tile to get the styling right for the design elements like buttons and text styling.

We then moved into full design of the site. The website design is crisp and colorful and continues that approachable, feminine feel with photography, friendly italicized text, and a soft rounded header bar that hugs the logo.



We finished up the branding project with business cards and social media branding to provide a cohesive look on all platforms. Their style guide includes all the info they need to use their branding in their day to day business materials.

Ongoing Relationship

I’ve continued to work with The Entrepreneur's Toolbox team as their in-house designer and have created blog graphics, lead magnets, and a variety of other items for their continued marketing efforts.


Working with Jessica took the burden off of me and allowed me to communicate my vision while she turned it into a beautiful reality!

Now, people comment on how straightforward and easy my website is to navigate. I left so much stress behind because I don't have to worry what people will think when they go to my website and I have peace of mind that people are not clicking away because my site is cluttered or unclear. I'm confident that my site reflects my company values and offerings.

– Teresa Cleveland,
The Entrepreneur's Toolbox

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