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As a full service event production company and destination wedding concierge, ACS Signature Weddings pulls off the kind of breathtaking events that most people can only dream of.

Peace of mind is the hardest thing to come by when hosting an upscale event, but that’s exactly what ACS provides to their exclusive clientele. By tending to every last detail from vendors to travel logistics, ACS frees their clients of any worries and gives them the capacity to sit back and enjoy their wildest dreams brought to life.

ACS wanted a design overhaul that would cement them in the minds of an elite clientele as an unparalleled provider of luxury event planning services. We created a full branding package that included a new logo, a custom pattern, a branded PDF, and website design, each evoking the extraordinary quality and level of attention that ACS provides.


The moodboard we developed set the tone for the entire project. Every aspect of the collage illustrates the elegance and exclusivity of ACS’s services, with pops of over-the-top flair to lend a taste of the exotic. A neutral palette with judiciously applied accents of purple and gold convey chic refinement. Photos hint at a distinctively of-the-moment brand of luxury, and clean contemporary fonts with tasteful flourishes give off a modern opulence.

Moodboard image on a clipboard with a pen and a black notebook

Logo Design

Building on the tasteful extravagance of the moodboard, we created a logo that combines a modern sans-serif font and a lush artistic script. The simplicity of the logo’s black type is offset by metallic accents, and the fonts read as stylish, fresh, and high-end. We developed multiple versions of the logo to cover any possible design use, including stacked, vertical, ultra-small, and monogram variations, both with and without taglines.

5 ACS Logo Configurations

Custom Pattern

We designed a tone-on-tone pattern to supply an additional unifying visual element across all of the client’s branded material. Juxtaposing strong geometry with soft tonal contrast, the pattern communicates the understated boldness of the brand. It’s designed to be striking enough to add a branded panache, yet subtle enough to be practical and useful as a background.

A grid of images and the center image has a photo of a woman

Branded PDF

We wanted the sumptuous flair we had woven throughout all the other branding elements to really shine through in this digital document. As a key piece that is shown directly to ACS’s potential clients, the document paints a picture of what’s possible. Sophisticated, clean copy atop our custom pattern presents just the right amount of information in a clear format.

The contemporary script from the logo reappears in page titles that provide emotional emphasis. Stunning wedding photography builds a world of lavish venues and jaw-dropping locales that elite clients can see themselves in. Just as ACS nails every last detail in their weddings, we designed every single element of this document to tell part of the company’s story.

Website Design

To pull everything together, we built a new digital home for the freshly-branded ACS Signature Weddings by creating designs for a new website. Custom elements on the site continue to echo all the threads we carried through other parts of the branding package: an emphasis on luxury lifestyle cues via photography, and continuous expression of chic elegance through our typography and palette choices. (Our custom pattern even shows up to make the perfect background.)

iPad and two web page designs
ACS-Branding-and-Website-Design-for-High-End-Event-Planner-Custom ACS Logo Design

Before working with Jessica, I had no specific branding ideas about how to transition my company to the luxury brand I envisioned. Jessica interpreted my vision for my brand and the history of my brand to create my new look and

I am so confident and passionate about my brand and its future growth in the right direction now!

– Amarilis Cano-Schutte, Wedding Planner
ACS Signature Weddings & Events

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