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For a little while I entertained the idea that I had time to run a couple of blogs about things I like to talk about, namely my adorable pets and home design. 

For both of the sites I made custom header graphics.





The first was a home design/shelter blog, The House of Mix, where I’m talked about all sorts of home projects and Louisville specific design and home news of interest. There were before and afters, shopping adventures, tutorials and more. I’m really enjoyed it for a while, but after working on it for a year, I only had a few posts so I decided to let it go. It was fun while it lasted.


The second was super dorky and a little embarrassing. It was a pet blog for our pets, Henry and Evelyn. Yeah, it was a new level of dorkiness, but that’s okay with me. I really just wanted a place to share and keep all my animal pictures and stories. (Isn’t Evelyn just the grouchiest cat you’ve ever seen?)




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Jessica Suhr

I'm a designer, gardener, and animal lover, hell bent on creating beautiful, cohesive brands for fun-loving and level-headed small business owners. Read more about me here.

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